EXTRA Patch [PES2011] v4 by amir7
::. Patch Features .::
First patch is based on the seventh update of Konami
VII download the update for the one who is not available to him from here
- Add a full Egyptian league 16 teams only
- All European periodicals updated in 2011 2012
- Transfer to this day, 14 7 2011
- Crews have been updated significantly and put crews are real and not imaginary
- Add continents teams of each continent in a professional team
- Added encouragement difference
- kits GDB
- Has been developed Escobord World Cup
- KITS hd
- Is characterized by the possibility to install patch Patch latest patch, because with all the patch files
Connected to each other and have different names distinguish them
- Added teams Malaysia, Georgia, Macedonia
- There are a number of legendary figures of the existence of over 170 Egyptian
There are 200 foreign-face
- Crews are true for all teams
- Change the camera to enter the stadium has become a realistic and beautiful
- Change the camera pitch and make it the highest accuracy and with a screen in the run-off characteristic
- Energy and realistic for all teams as reliable sources
- Update slogans difference
- Change main menu icons and update the backgrounds
- This may forget what I remember from the plentiful